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Spirit Food: Mastering Yourself In Order To Master Your Life

Everybody is an alchemist. Most are unaware of the power they posses to shape their own realities. This is why society has been fashioned to create it for you through mass media, and subliminal programming. Quantum physics verifies that everything in this reality is energy and vibration. Atoms are mere empty space of particles of light holding the image of what we consider solidity together through a frequency that creates the form of what we consider solid objects. There is actually only a small fraction of matter in an atom. This is the concept behind what we like to call the matrix. All is an illusion, and because it is a virtual reality, it can also be changed. This was the intention for

Spirit Food: Understanding the Importance of Self-Love

This world is a hall of mirrors. A mirage of illusions. It's due to this fact that the collective consciousness has been lead to believe that pure love has to be given to you from an outside source. People tend to project upon each other their desires and expectations. Through subliminal thought we have created a paradigm that suppresses the knowledge and understanding of what it means to love ourselves unconditionally. It is our birthright to be free. That freedom comes from expressing your very nature from the source of your being. Many are disconnected from their essence due to incorrect programming that shifts the focus of their love from being to consumption. “You yourself, as much as a

Twin Flame/Divine Partnerships Energy Clearing Affirmation Meditation: Manifest Your Mate!

This affirmation meditation can be listened to at anytime to help shift your frequency into the love vibration in order to attract true love to you. It was available for purchase, but now I'm offering it to you for free as my gift to you. The love frequency helps you co-create easily. Like attracts the like. Be the love you seek! This will help you do just that. Please watch or listen to this video for a minimum of 21 consecutive days to help you break your mental blocks. You can also listen as often as you need to until you get your results. I wish you the best in your journey to find and union with your Divine Partner/Twin Flame. It's time to manifest your destiny! I offer private readings

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