This is a series of remote activations that will include energetically clearing 5 core wounds that will propell you and help you quantum jump in your Ascension and access the ability to accelorate to your full potential. These energy clearing sessions will be conducted over the course of five weeks, focusing on one core wound a week, to allow for the energies to fully integrate.  This deal will also include a complementary tarot card reading to access the current energies and to confirm which wounds need to be energetically cleared.


This activation will include the Ascension Energy Activation and 14 day access to All 5 Lessons of Bijou's School Of Magic Coursework. 


You will recieve your alignment with the activation, and learn how to harness the energy to manifest in a balanced and practical way. This package will help you to unlock your desires, and achieve the confidence you need to perservere to reach what ever goal you discover to explore. Life is meant to be lived in joy, and one can't find this joy without finding the proper balance. In the same measure, one cannot find balance unless you clear the energy and take proper actions to mantain it. It is through finding our core heart's desires that will allow us to manifest with ease. Money seems to be many people's blockages to being able to have access to experiences that will allow them to have the quality of life they desire.  After experiencing the full extent of the activation, you can create with freedom of expression, without the fear of lack or limitation. In this manner money can flow to you easier, so that you can enjoy life without any self limiting energies. 



**I can only offer this service to a limited number of clients within a 5 week period, if sold out you can start your energy clearing after I have completed the sessions for a previously booked client.**



Money Magnet Activation

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