I am a practicing priestess. I will cast any spell you need for this one flate rate. Instead of giving you the spell to cast yourself, I do it for you as my power is potent. It will be more effective for your outcome if you have someone who knows how to cast and has initated through spirit to yield the power. Please leave the details of what work you are looking to have done, and I will get back to you if there is any additional information I may need before I preform the ritual. Each spell is created and tailored to your needs. Therefore the strength of it will be effective and made specifically for you. No spells are reused. Please allow up to 28 days for results, however, in most cases there will be a shift sooner than this. You must also believe that it will work in order for you to see the results that you want to see.


*** You assume all karmic debt for any spell you wish to have casted.




I AM NO LONGER CASTING SPELLS TO HELP OTHERS MANIFEST FINANCIAL INCREASES! If I have done so in the past for you the reason I am no longer do it is due to the correct energy exchange. Most times the energy I send yields exponential results for the client, and amount that I'm currently charging isn't a fair price for me, the castor. I am changing this to eliminate the energy depletions. If you are interested in a financial manifestation, it's best to purchase a Money Activation or Shaman package in order to be coached into alignment so that you may attract based on your own energies.



Rootwork (Spell Casting)

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