In this package, you will receive a combination of energy clearings, readings, and/or meditations. The specific services will be determined based on the individual needs of each client. You will receive a break down of your particular reunion package and savings via email if you send an inquiry about your situation. If this service is recommended, it is due to the fact that you may need to have several services completed to reach your outcome. This option would allow you to bundle a few services in one purchase.


One of the services will include the Activation Energy Activation. By the time you complete your clearing work, you will be in alignment to receive and attract your divine partner. 


  • This service may also include: past life regressions, energy clearings/anchoring, chakra activation and alignment, natal chart analysis, as well as tarot card readings. Every client's needs differ so I will incorporate what is necessary to ensure you complete your activation with me in a minimum of 5 weeks.
  • You will have unlimited email support until the 5th core wound energy is cleared.


No Refunds

Please note that before we begin the energy work, I will confirm in the first session if your love interest is your twin flame based on your natal charts.


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Twin Flame Reunion Package

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