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Understanding Spirituality: Healing Karmic Debt

I think spirituality is more about being true to your soul, which is the life force of God.. we are all extensions of the creative force, made to have unique experiences. Do animals need to read a book to know how to be what they naturally are? I can't imagine everyone was literate in the times of the productions of the so called "holy texts", as a matter of fact, it was forbidden for many people to have access to them. So fast forward to today... we have books, and nobody is actually experiencing God or spirituality because they are too busy reading about it and not LIVING it.

The Collective Dilemma

Lack of inner knowing wasn't the sole cause of our demise, we need to have a bird's eye view of the game we are playing. Life is a game and we are far behind on the rules. Get to know the rules and now you are in the game playing instead of getting played.

Why do we always have so many opinions on what others are doing? In this time and age... the age of Aquarius... we NEED to be SELF REFLECTING more and NOT reflecting on the behavior of others. If we spent half as much time doing this in our daily lives as we do collectively exuding pessimistic behavior we would see a shift in the collective consciousness. It's imperative that every individual engages in self discovery. If you learn yourself and you won't have time to talk or think about others. We must understand not to place unnecessary judgements against each other. In order to do that we need to know that judgement isn't correction. Judgement is saying you are this or exclaiming who a person is based on behavior. Corrective judgement (which is righteous) restores, and allows the person to see themselves in the mirror so they may decide for themselves how to proceed. A good teacher will always lead the student to the door, but allows them to unlock it and walk through alone. Let us know the difference so that we may be an asset to each other, not a hindrance.

If you only focus on the problem you will continue to attract that into your reality. If we ALL keep focusing on the problem, then we will see it in our collective reality... see the ripple? We need to not make so many ripples in the pond. Ponds don't naturally have waves, it's when only when you disrupt it. We have to calm the wave, and bring peace back to the pond. You won't do it if you keep throwing rocks in. Keep vibing high, and go as high as you can! We all should. These teachings have been made applicable to today's society, sadly we aren't applying them correctly and here we are with this mess. So how do we clean it up? Sitting around always arguing about how the problem started? Hell no, you brainstorm and think of solutions. It's our job to create solutions of the highest frequency, which is love...

See through the fog

Focus on you, and the appreciation of life in your world. If we all did that, we can collectively shift the consciousness to love frequency and eventually all of that hate would disappear. If we all did this we would have peace, according to the law of attraction. I hope you innerstand what I'm talking about. If not, start building your intuition more because there's more to this than what meets the eye. Far too many people are caught up on the SURFACE LEVEL... it's time to GET DEEP!

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