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What's Going On With Bijou?

Hi Everyone,

I know that I've been M.I.A (missing in action) and haven't updated anything to my Bijou Bisous YouTube channel or this blog for a while. I have decided to minimize the amount of information I am channeling for the collective in order to maintain my own energetic balance. If you are an intuitive empath, you would know that psychic energy exchanges can effect your own flow of energy when you are engaging with others in a way that you are giving too much of yourself and not receiving the proper energy exchange back. This can create an energetic imbalance in the individual that is gifted with these abilities, and I'm no longer willing to sacrifice my personal alignment for the sake of the collective. I wholeheartedly believe that reciprocal energy exchanges are what's necessary to maintain alignment with the universe. For my personal goals in my private life, it is a necessary change I must make. I will keep the videos active on the Bijou Bisous channel that pertains to enlightenment and guidance on the awakening and ascension process. However, I will no longer contribute in this way on that channel. I have decided to give focus to my personal endeavors and creative projects that I wish to see manifested in my reality in the near future, and it will require the energy and effort that I can no longer bear to sacrifice in order to see it through.

I will continue to post general readings on my website for those who are interested in getting readings from me at a cheaper rate on a bi-monthly basis. You may also subscribe to my website to receive full access to all of my videos. This is to ensure that I am receiving the proper energetic exchange for the energy that it takes for me to channel the messages for the collective that it resonates with. I am still offering free messages, just on a separate YouTube channel I have created to reach a different audience. This channel is called Divine Destiny, and the focus of it will be to uplift and provide clarity for the Divine Masculine collective. You can view the first video for September here. Whether you are Divine Masculine or a cross-watcher, you will find the readings informative and helpful to your expansion. In the free YouTube readings, I will discuss the Masculines feelings and what's being hidden, and you can purchase the extended readings for $11.11 or rent it for $3.33 to get the insight of what to expect from the Divine Masculine in the coming weeks. These videos will be uploaded on a monthly basis.

I am always available to assist the collective using my shamanic gifts. If you are ready to get the healing I offer, you may visit my shop and purchase whichever service resonates. If you are unsure about what type of healing you may need in order to see forward progress in your twin flame dynamic or any other area in your life, feel free to reach out to me via email and we can discuss what options you will have to get started on unlocking more of yourself and your personal power. I look forward to working with those who are truly interested in working with me to receive soul healing.

Thank you for all of your loving support!



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