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How To Get Off The Twin Flame Karmic Wheel

Are you constantly looking online going from one free tarot card reader to the next trying to find answers to help you understand your twin flame/soulmate journey? Although there are helpful free tools on YouTube, there are other factors one must consider when taking advice online that you would like to resonate with... Most times YouTube readers have a SPECIFIC soul group they state they are reading for when channeling their message. However, this doesn't stop those who are NOT in the reader's targeted soul group from tuning in and hoping the reading fits their situation in the near future.

In many cases, as the viewer, you can find yourself addicted to tarot card readings and watch them regularly as you would your favorite television series. As the content creator, you can quickly become burned out not only by the amount of energy it takes to channel your message and create the content, but by how many people try to make the message fit to their situation. When the energy becomes exhausted or overused, it can cause an energetic imbalance in your personal aura that can create resistance and actually repel what you were hoping to manifest with listening to your favorite readers week after week.

What many fail to realize is that those who use divination to provide guidance, tap into a stream of energetic consciousness to deliver the messages. The clarity of these messages are based on the personal energies of the one who is reading the message. That person's channeling abilities can resonate like an AM, FM or satellite radio broadcast. Now while many readers can accurately read the current energies, keep in mind that the projection of what they see takes two to manifest... the energy of the reader and YOURS! If you are in the proper soul group, and the reader resonates at the same frequency, you will find success in watching your favorite channels. On the other hand, for many that channel hop, they find themselves stuck in an endless loop of no communication, make ups and break ups that can be highly consistent with any karmic connection. You could very well be in a genuine twin flame/soulmate dynamic, but the growth can only come when you actually put in the work to CLEAR your energy.

When you take the time to clear yourself, many things may occur such as but not limited to: past life recollection, karma cycle awareness, keen sensitivity to your chakras, increased psychic awareness etc. Maintaining your highest alignment with your highest stream of consciousness is the best way to attract relationships that are TRULY DIVINE. Don't get stuck in the cycle of karmic illusions. Continue to help yourself grow. If you have found someone that resonates fully with your journey, stick with them until you find that their energy no longer resonates with yours. It's always an easier process to have a shaman that can help you to transmute what comes up to be purged. It's optimal if you happen to find someone that you can trust to help you to clear out negative energies and find a greater balance.

If you are the self motivated individual, I have free lessons, and meditations on my website and my YouTube channel that will help give you the insight you need to see your way through. I also have additional lectures, readings and meditations that I do not offer for free, but will help you to raise your vibration. Due to the nature of divination, I want to give my subscribers the opportunity to have readings that aren't available for the public to decide if they are in my soul group. If you resonate with any of my past videos, there is a great chance you can benefit from checking out some of my unlisted content that is affordable. You will also have an increased chance of manifesting the outcome if you provide an energy exchange with your reader (such as the exchange of currency). If you are a person who takes (by viewing constantly) but never give (either through purchasing a service or paying it forward in equal measure) and you are NOT in union with who you believe to be your beloved, then it may worth a shot to properly transmute your energy in the law of giving and receiving. Once you do, you will see how quickly things can manifest for you! You are more than welcomed to check out any of my free options, or you can subscribe to my website monthly, under the BIJOU TV VIP package ($111/month) you can have full access to ALL of my twin flame insights with new tarot card reading updates each month.

If you are looking to hyper-drive your current twin flame dynamic, you can also check out my Ascension Energy Activation package, which will allow you to see a difference in your situation in as little as 5 weeks. Check out my reviews to see how satisfied my clients are when they choose this option!

I wish you all love even when you feel like giving up on it!



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