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If Drawn Upright

When the Justice tarot card appears, it serves as a reminder to embody fairness, balance, and integrity in your actions and decisions. The image of the authoritative figure on the throne signifies the need for you to approach situations with a sense of authority and responsibility.The man's firm grip on the dagger and the clenched fist symbolize the power to make judgments based on reason and logic. It is essential to exercise discernment and impartiality when assessing situations, considering all perspectives before drawing conclusions. This card emphasizes the importance of making fair and just decisions that align with ethical principles.

The regal attire and golden medallions represent wisdom and spirituality. It suggests that you should seek higher wisdom and guidance in your pursuit of justice. Trust your inner wisdom and intuition to guide you in making fair and balanced choices. The Justice card advises you to examine your own actions and behaviors, ensuring they align with principles of fairness and equality. Consider how your decisions impact others and whether they are just and beneficial for all parties involved. Strive to maintain a sense of equilibrium and harmony in your interactions.

This card also reminds you to take accountability for your actions. Recognize that every choice carries consequences, and it is important to face those consequences with integrity and responsibility. By doing so, you contribute to the greater harmony of society and create a just environment for yourself and others. The Justice card advises you to embody fairness, balance, and ethical principles in your actions and decision-making. Strive to be impartial and consider all perspectives before making judgments. Seek higher wisdom and trust your inner guidance. Take accountability for your choices and ensure they align with principles of justice. By embodying these qualities, you contribute to a harmonious and just world.

If Drawn In Reverse

When the Justice tarot card appears in reverse, it suggests a need for caution and reflection in matters of fairness and decision-making. The image of the man on the throne still symbolizes authority, but in this position, it may indicate a potential imbalance or bias in your judgments. The reversed position of the Justice card serves as a reminder to examine your own biases and assumptions. Be aware of any tendencies to act unfairly or with prejudice. It is crucial to challenge your own perspectives and seek a more objective understanding of the situations at hand.


The grip on the dagger and the clenched fist in the reversed position may indicate a misuse of power or a tendency to make impulsive and unjust decisions. It is essential to pause, step back, and reassess before taking action. Consider the consequences of your choices and whether they align with principles of fairness and integrity. The regal attire and golden medallions, in reverse, may suggest a need for inner reflection and self-examination. Take the time to explore your own values and beliefs, ensuring that they are aligned with justice and equality. 

The reversed Justice card advises you to seek external perspectives and opinions. Engage in open dialogue and consider the viewpoints of others. This will help you gain a broader understanding of the situation and make more informed decisions. Take responsibility for any past actions or decisions that may have been unfair or unbalanced. Acknowledge any harm caused and make amends where possible. Use this as an opportunity for growth and learning, striving to cultivate greater fairness and equality in your future actions.

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