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 3 of Cups

3 of Cups.png

If Drawn Upright

The Three of Cups is a card that represents joy, celebration, and the coming together of friends or loved ones. This card advises you to embrace the spirit of camaraderie, connection, and shared experiences. It encourages you to cultivate and cherish the relationships and friendships that bring joy and fulfillment into your life. The luscious garden and the atmosphere of the tea gathering signify a nurturing and harmonious environment where positive energies flow freely.

The cups in the hands of the ladies represent the emotional and intuitive aspects of this card. They hold the potential for deep connections and meaningful interactions. The flowers held by two of the ladies, as well as the flowers adorning the hair of the third lady, symbolize beauty, growth, and the blooming of friendships. The Three of Cups advises you to take time to connect with your loved ones, engage in social activities, and celebrate life's blessings together. It reminds you to prioritize and appreciate the moments of shared joy and camaraderie. This could involve gathering with friends, family, or like-minded individuals who uplift and support you.


By nurturing these connections and creating opportunities for meaningful interactions, you can experience a greater sense of belonging, happiness, and fulfillment. The Three of Cups invites you to let go of any inhibitions or worries and fully embrace the joyous and lighthearted energy that comes from being in the company of those who bring out the best in you. Additionally, this card may suggest the importance of self-care and self-expression. Just as the ladies in the garden are enjoying their tea and adorning themselves with flowers, it is vital for you to indulge in activities that bring you pleasure, relaxation, and a sense of inner beauty.

If Drawn In Reverse

When the Three of Cups appears in reverse, its meaning and advice may shift slightly. In this interpretation, the reversed Three of Cups suggests a need for balance and moderation in your social interactions and celebrations.

The card advises you to assess the dynamics of your relationships and social engagements. It could indicate that there is an imbalance or excess in your social life. Perhaps you have been overly focused on socializing or relying too heavily on the validation and company of others, neglecting your own individual needs and personal growth. The reversed Three of Cups urges you to take a step back and evaluate whether your social activities are truly fulfilling and nourishing for you. Are you engaging in these gatherings out of genuine enjoyment and connection, or are you seeking external validation or distractions from deeper emotions or personal challenges?

It is essential to ensure that your relationships are based on mutual respect, genuine connection, and shared values. This card encourages you to assess the quality of your friendships and associations, as well as the impact they have on your well-being. In some cases, the reversed Three of Cups may indicate a need to establish healthier boundaries in your social interactions. It could be a reminder to avoid excessive partying or relying on superficial relationships as a means of escape or avoidance. The reversed Three of Cups may also suggest a temporary withdrawal or a need to take a break from social engagements.

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