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Bijou's School Of Magic

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Secrets Of An Initiate

Complete Coursework

By the time you complete this course, you will have all the tools and short cuts you need to practice responsibly with intense accuracy and power!

Lesson 1: How To Apply Practical Magic For Everyday Life

Lesson 2: How to Apply Sexual Magic For Rapid Manifestation

Lesson 3: How To Avoid Karmic Pitfalls, and Yield Cause & Effect

Lesson 4: How To Creatively Use Sigils and Shields

Lesson 5: How To Transmute Energy To Increase Your Financial Health

You can rent the entire course for 30 DAYS for $500

You can rent individual lessons for 72 hrs for $100

  • If renting the entire course, you can choose the subscribe option when purchasing the video and it will give you the option to pay for all videos listed on the channel. You must register an email address to access your rental. You can also purchase it via the shopping cart. If so I will email you with the links to access the videos. 

  • Videos are not downloadable 

  • Select the "$" on the video you wish to see. You will be given the option to "rent from $100" or subscribe for the month. You will receive instant access to the video upon purchase. 

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