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Come and join me in San Luis, Co this summer to camp out and enjoy a private retreat! I recently purchased a 10-acre lot in the middle of the San Luis Valley and want to share this camping experience with my loved ones. If you are interested in joining me please confirm your attendance with the RSVP form below.  

I will be in Colorado from the dates of 7/09-7/17 and you are welcomed to join me at any time throughout these dates. I will be renting a personal RV, and so can you! If you choose to sleep under the stars, you can get a tent rental as well as rent all of your camping gear by visiting:

Bike/Sandboarding rental gear

RV Rental Site Option 1

RV Rental Site Option 2

Tent Rental gear  must be shipped to and picked up at local FedEx ShipCenter

FedEx Authorized ShipCenter

1010 Main St, Alamosa, CO 81101

The coordinates to the land plot will be given to you once you are ready to confirm the purchase of your RV rental. Please email or text me 678-724-1683 to get the coordinates. I need to confirm how many RV's will be parked on the lot, so please be sure to RSVP with the RV option if you plan on renting one. 

Group Activities

Most group activities will be done on the lot, and the lot is not too far from the San Luis Valley Regional Airport. You can choose to fly into this airport for your convenience and proximity to the land.  

We will be renting ATV's from this location

The deposit for most ATV rentals is $1500 per car. We can share the fees for the multiple ATV rentals or you can rent your own. If you plan on sharing an ATV rental please confirm that as well in your RSVP so that we can know the final costs based on how many will split it. 


I am planning to bring at least one 6 seater ATV to the land lot using a rental truck to tow it. You can choose to do the same if you rent an SUV/Truck with a hitch capability and choose to rent a separate ATV.


You can do half-day and full-day rentals for as long as you like. We can also ride the local trails near the ATV Pick up location. Depending on how many people confirm if they want to participate in the shared ATV riding, will determine if we do a group trail tour or simply bring multiple ATV's to the land lot to enjoy privately.  

Car Rental

You can choose to rent a car to visit the local hot springs swimming pool. There are also local attractions you may want to explore on your own or with the group where transportation will be necessary.  Cars can be rented at Hertz at the San Luis Valley local airport.

There is also a UFO watchtower 1 hour away from the area to visit for alien enthusiasts.

As a group, we will share meals together and everyone is expected to participate in helping to prepare dishes. 


Explore the San Luis Colorado Valley!

old town .jpeg

This is the oldest town in the state of Colorado!


There are lots of wild animals in the valley. Be prepared to connect with nature!

How will you camp? (Choose one)
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