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Halloween In


Savannah 2020

You are cordially invited to join me in a magical ritual in the most haunted city in America... Savannah, GA. You will be briefed as to the object of the ritual individually, after you confirm your RSVP. I ask that if you are fearful of magic or if your heart is not open to performing magical rituals, please do not partake. I ask each one of you to come with a pure heart ready to cleanse the lands. Your motives may not be selfish, as the anscestors we are petitioning will only aid those whom have the purest intentions. If you aren't able to scan your heart to confirm this prior to arrival, the ancestors will NOT honor your personal requests, however, your efforts will still help the collective.

The theme for this ritual is "HIGH SOCIETY 1800's"

It is a requirement for participation that you purchase your own costume. You also must RSVP with your costume ideas to ensure no one else that is participating is wearing the same costume. Please confirm your attendance no later than October 20, 2020 to ensure that you are on the guest list to spend the night at the ritual location. This ritual will be on a first come basis. There are 15 spots available for participants. The ritual will begin at 6pm and end at 6am. However, check out will be by 10am.  You will be served dinner, wine, and breakfast. You will be taken on a magcial tour of Savannah, as well as receive a special gift that will also activate your role in the ritual. Please do not purchase any head pieces as you will recieve your headpiece at the ritual.  


You will be an honored guest of mine, and you will be required to maintain decorum in alignment with someone who is of the elite in society and remain in charachter the enetire time or you will be asked to leave. Keep in mind your roles as, this is a roleplay ritual and it is imperative that all participants remain in character. 

Please arrive on October 31st to the location at 6pm dressed for the occasion. Everything will be filmed. If you wish to participate but do not wish to be included on camera, please confirm this in your RSVP. 

There will be no other accomodations for participants that decide to stay in Savannah longer than the ritual. You will receive the address of the location at the time of your RSVP.


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