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When the soul experiences trauma it becomes fragmented through time and space. The shamanic soul retrevial process allows me to journey through the aether to recover it for you.


If you are experiencing any of the following issues you may benefit from a soul recovery session:


Drug or Alcohol Addiction
Addictions to Food, Smoking, Sex or any other vice.
Abuse Trauma
Broken Heart
Psychological Issues
Lack of Energy
Lack of Clarity on Life Direction
Stuck in negativity
Lack of passion for living


The soul recovery process is a remote session that I perform using shamanic tools and channeled energies to shift your reality and help you to restore your soul. These sessions may trigger past life memories, but most certainly it will bring to the surface any emotional wounds that need to be cleared, but you will have the clarity to make peace with it. Keep in mind that one session may not be enough to fully recover your soul if you have deep karmic pain over many lifetimes. However after one session you will feel a powerful shift that will allow you to continue on your recovery naturually. This will also allow you to experience this reality fully present and in joy.


You will also receive a video reading detailing what to expect in the coming weeks.

When you process your payment please include the details of your issues and I will correspond with you before getting started to confirm what to expect. You may also email me at if you do not include the information in your payment.


Your reading will remain available for 72 hours. You can rent the video for $45 for an addtional 72 hours. 



No Refunds

This Reading is not AI Generated

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Price Options
One-time purchase
Soul Retrieval
$500.00every week until canceled
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