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YouTube Product Promotions

Current Statistics

  • Over 700 subscribers on my YouTube Channel.

  • Over 900 followers on my personal Facebook page

  • Over 500 followers on my Facebook fan page.

  • Over 700 followers on Twitter.

  • Approximately 7% conversion rate on product placement sales.

Please review my product placement videos:

Yoni Health

Jade Egg, Black Obsidian Eggs

In this video, I strategically offered the kegel egg products while teaching the viewers about the health benefits of the products being promoted. This method engaged the viewers and many saw the benefit of the product and purchased from the suggested links.

Cancer Cures

Various Herbs and Minerals

In this video, I offered personal testimonials of the products I used to heal myself of cancer naturally and holistically. I offered links to purchase the products as well, and I also promote the items on my holistic health page.

Aura Cleanse

Selenite Crystal

In this video, I demonstrated how to cleanse the aura using a selenite crystal. I discussed the holistic benefits of the stone, and offered links to purchase the item.

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Please contact me at to promote your product, brand, or services. It would be an honor to share your products and/or services with my followers who greatly value my opinion. Thank you for your consideration.

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