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The High Priestess

The High Priestess.png

If Drawn Upright

The High Priestess card is a profound reminder to honor and trust your intuition, inner wisdom, and the mysteries of the unknown. It signifies a deep connection to the divine feminine energy and the power that lies within your intuition. Just as the High Priestess is depicted with a golden halo and a glowing afro, it signifies your ability to tap into the wellspring of divine wisdom within you. Embrace and trust your intuition, for it holds valuable insights and guidance that can guide you on your journey.

The High Priestess is seated on a throne, surrounded by gold and glass pillars, symbolizing the balance between light and dark, and the duality of life. Embrace the depths of your subconscious mind and explore the hidden aspects of yourself. There is much wisdom and knowledge waiting to be discovered if you are willing to seek it out. The flowing, white ethereal robe worn by the High Priestess, adorned with a golden waistline, represents the unlocking of the hidden depths of your unconscious mind. Embrace the process of self-discovery and delve into the realms of your inner wisdom. Trust that you have the ability to uncover profound insights and make empowered choices.

The High Priestess holds the key to knowledge and secrets that are accessible to those who seek them out. Embrace your role as a seeker of truth and wisdom. Allow yourself to be open to new experiences, perspectives, and learnings. By doing so, you will expand your consciousness and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.


The intricate patterns within the High Priestess's halo, emitting a golden light, reflect the power of tapping into your intuition and unconscious mind. Trust in the wisdom that arises from this connection. Cultivate a peaceful demeanor, just like the High Priestess, and allow your emotions to find balance. By mastering your emotions, you create space for clarity and insight to flow effortlessly. The High Priestess's glowing afro symbolizes her mystical energy and her connection to the divine. Recognize your own divine connection and the boundless potential that lies within you. Embrace new beginnings and creative opportunities that present themselves along your path.


The High Priestess serves as a potent symbol urging you to tap into your inner knowledge, intuition, and the mysteries of the unknown. Trust in the guidance you receive and honor the wisdom that resides within you. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and open yourself to the transformative power of the divine feminine energy.

If Drawn In Reverse


When the High Priestess card is drawn in reverse it suggests a need to examine and address certain aspects of your intuitive abilities and inner wisdom. The reversed High Priestess card indicates that there may be challenges or blockages in accessing and trusting your intuition and inner wisdom. It is a reminder to explore and resolve any areas of doubt or confusion that may be hindering your connection to the divine feminine energy.

The golden halo and glowing afro, which symbolize a connection to the divine and intuition, may be dimmed or obscured in the reversed position. This suggests a potential disconnection from your intuitive powers or a lack of trust in your inner guidance. It is essential to address any self-doubt or skepticism that may be inhibiting your ability to tap into your intuition effectively.


The reversed High Priestess seated on a throne, surrounded by gold and glass pillars, indicates an imbalance or difficulty in finding the harmony between light and dark, or the duality of life. This may be affecting your ability to access deep inner wisdom and hidden aspects of yourself. Reflect on any resistance or fear you may have towards exploring the depths of your subconscious mind.

The flowing, white ethereal robe with a golden waistline, in reverse, suggests a potential blockage in unlocking the hidden depths of your unconscious mind. There may be unresolved emotional or psychological barriers that are limiting your ability to access profound insights and make empowered choices. It is important to address and heal these barriers to regain a stronger connection to your inner wisdom.

The reversed High Priestess's energy may lack the vibrancy and radiance symbolized by the glowing afro. This may indicate a need to replenish and revitalize your connection to the divine. Take time for self-care, introspection, and practices that help you reconnect with your inner guidance. Trust that even in this reversed position, there is wisdom to be gained from your intuition. Take steps to restore trust in your intuitive abilities and embrace the guidance that arises from within. Seek support, practice self-care, and engage in activities that nourish your spirit.

Remember that the journey towards deepening your intuition and accessing your inner wisdom is ongoing. Be patient with yourself and allow the necessary healing and growth to take place. By addressing the challenges presented in the reversed High Priestess, you can reestablish a strong connection to your intuition and unlock the transformative power of the divine feminine energy within you.

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