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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Are You New To Magic? 

A lot of people jump into occult practices for various reasons. Many follow the trends of pop culture and dabble in occult rituals due to its' recent popularity in the mainstream media. One principle in practicing magic requires you to understand how to use the law of attraction. This hermetic law has become quite commonly known and practiced in modern society.  
Although it may seem innocent to the unsuspecting neophyte to practice incantations they've picked up along the way to manifest their desires, one doesn't realize the magnitude of karmic ripples they can set off if they are unaware of how to practice manifesting with proper wisdom and knowledge. A lot of people focus on their desires without connecting to their higher-self and they usually create from their unhealed ego's state of being. When people set intentions for their material reality without paying attention to their metaphysical reality the law of cause and effect can create unwanted outcomes and unintended magical backfires (such as delays, opposite outcomes, etc.)
It is my intention to help you discover your natural talents of manifestation by creating magical kits that can help support you along the way. If you choose to subscribe to have your candles delivered monthly you will get a 5% discount and full access to my Candle Coven Forum page. This membership page has a forum to post questions and answers, share your success stories, and receive general support from other practitioners who have purchased their candles with a subscription.
Each candle has a specific use to amplify your efforts in chakra clearings, banishing, spellwork reversals, energy boosts, aura cleansings, intention settings for spiritual and physical manifestations. Each time you light a candle you will connect to your own intuition and magical powers to will your thoughts into reality!

Each candle is made with beeswax, hemp, and a blend of essential oils that will amplify the intentions for the season.

Candle Purchasing Options

You can purchase ANY MOON CANDLE. This candle can be lit under any moon cycle and can be set for any intentions and will help you to stay focused on your manifestations.

You can purchase a FULL MOON CANDLE to help with your healing and banishing rituals for shadow work.

You can purchase a NEW MOON CANDLE to help you set your intentions with accuracy for your material manifestations.

You can SAVE 5% if you purchase a monthly subscription to ensure you receive manifesting candles for the cycles of the moon. You will also have full access to my Moom Magic Coven Forum to interact with others.