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  • This playlist can be rented for $5.99/month

  • Individual meditations can be rented at $1 or $2.22 for 72 hours

  • You can purchase and download any subliminal listed for $75


You must create an account on this website to purchase and access your playlist. The rental videos are NOT downloadable. These meditations have nature sounds and affirmations in the background. There are other meditations on this playlist that are SILENT versions as well. Many videos on this list are the calm versions of the subliminals I have on my YouTube channel. To Rent monthly, click the title"Calm Subliminal Playlist" in the video playlist box and follow the link "Subscribe $5.99" to

purchase your subscription. 


There will be at least 2 new subliminals added to this playlist monthly by the 15th of each month. 


  • If you set up automatic monthly payments, you can cancel at anytime when signing into your account. 

  • upon cancellation you will no longer have access to the playlist. 

You can purchase a personalized subliminal here.