Free Twin Flame Messages

These messages are channeled to help you guide yourself throughout your awakening experience. If you believe you are a twin flame, take the time to nurture yourself. I hope that these messages will help you to find comfort and clarity that you can resonate with.  



You can rent additional messages individually (from $1.11-$5.55 for 72 hrs) or for $25/month you can subscribe to Bijou TV Premium to have full access to more than 60 videos that will provide additional insight to the twin flame/soulmate experience. This service includes monthly Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine tarot card readings, as well as lessons, and meditations to help you re-align your energies WITHOUT the one on one help of a guide. The time it takes to reclaim your soul's energy and realign it to your conscious desires can vary based on your personal karma and elements in your natal chart. While it is recommended that you work with a shaman to complete the process, you can also go at your soul's pace to navigate your way through and achieve your balance. These tools will help you to guide yourself to the finish line!


With my Ascension Energy Activation package, you will experience a dynamic shift in your twin flame experience in just 5 WEEKS! Please contact me, if you would like to work further to help unlock your union.

Let Me Help You Get Into Union With Your Beloved

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