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I'm Bijou! Welcome to my twin flame resource page. I started my spiritual career as a shamaness after I was initiated into a higher awaerness of myself when I met my true twin flame. Our meeting sent me on a path beyond my logical 3D perspective. I immeditately exploded from the beginning with wisdom and knowledge that seemed to pour out of my soul. With this newfound self awareness, I quickly figured out that there was an entire community of people experiencing similar senarios, and it motivated me to start my YouTube channel with the intention of helping others like myself with offering any insight I was guided to share that was awakening within me. 


I started providing detailed achlemical understandings to those who were guided to my channel, as well as offered collective and personal readings to the masses to help them find their balance as I was figuring out my own. Throughout this process of becoming one with myself, I've met a bunch of new people along the way that let me know that I wasn't alone in my awakening. It's important to find people that understand what you are experiencing. It can be helpful in being able to anchor yourself with confidence to know that in actuality this phenomenon is indeed taking place in your life. It helped me in many ways to be of service to others in this capacity. 

If you are here, it's because you have searched high and low for answers to your mysterious connection. When you come accross someone who may seem like they can provide you with new insight, it all seems redundanct and regurgitated from other people who are in the twin flame community for business opportunities in stead of offering REAL soul shifting advice that can help you get to your goal. If you are truly a twin, your engame should be harmony and balance within your soul self. It almost seems that nowadays, finding someone that can help you bring clarity is like chasing the proverbial carrot on a stick... 


Many people don't understand that the twin flame journey is beyond just having a relationship with an individual. The connection transcends the 3D reality and as such, one must be able to see the various deminsions of the connection in order to bring balance alchemically to your soul's energy. There are very few people who are online offering readings or services about the subject are unaware of the depths of metaphysical perception one must have in order to make it all make sense. Not only are many unaware of the full spectrum of this magical contract, they are ill equipt to provide solid guidance and a pathway that will ensure your soul gets anchored in this reality regardless of what your 3D selves decide with your free will.  

In my quest to help others, I realized quickly what can happen when you allow too many people to engage in your soul energy. When you are as empathic as I am, you have to protect, sheild and clear your energies to avoid being caught up in everyone eles' that you are trying to help. This is the reason I took down many spiritually charged lessons I had available on YouTube. At the time that I created these videos, I was purging out my soul with the hopes of finding my own balance with my twin flame connection. The times that I became psychically imbalanced were directly correclated to how much of my energy that I've shared on YouTube for free without requiring a form of energetic exchange. I had to figure out a way to maintain my own balance, and still help others find the keys I've been able to pick up along my own awakening. This was ultimately the reason for me archiving many of those videos. 

I now offer them to you, but with an exchange of energy in the form of purchasing monthly subscriptions to have full access to all of my achrived twin flame videos. You will find the information highly insightful as well as practical for application to assist in you creating a shift in your twin flame dynamic. You can witness a shift in your perspective immediately after listening, and get all the confidence boost you need to remain postively motivated to continue on your path.