Available Video Options
All videos are available to rent individually if you aren't interested in a monthly plan! 

After purchase you can visit:


Bijou TV Basic

Bijou TV Premium

Bijou TV VIP

You will only be allowed access to the page if you login with the account you used to purchase your service. You will be able to view all available content for your subscription once you login to your account. Meditations are listed on a separate playlist and will only be available when you log into the Premium or VIP page.  

 Email readings are only sent when a request with your question is emailed to bijoubisous112@gmail.com. You will be sent an email verifying your eligibility to receive an email reading upon the purchase of your subscription. Your package will determine how many questions you can ask in your email reading. Basic = 1 one question email reading Premium = 1 two question email reading VIP - 1 3 question email reading. Readings do not roll over from month to month. Your ability to submit a request for an email reading will be void after the monthly subscription expires. If you purchase the next month's subscription, you will only receive 1 email reading based on the package you select. 


All fees are for a monthly subscription. You will have the option for automatic renewal at check out. Your monthly rate will be determined based on your package choice: Basic, Premium, or VIP access. All new videos will be updated by the 1st of each month. You will be notified via email the process of how to claim your bonus email reading. 



All fees will continue to bill your account until you cancel your membership by emailing bijoubisous112@gmail.com. Membership fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once you process your payment you will receive an email with a link to access your online account. You should be able to log in using your registered account credentials. Once you have been given access to view the videos, you will have 30 days access. If you cancel anytime during your 30-day access, you will not have to pay for the following month. If you are billed and wish to cancel after being charged, your access will remain active for the 30 day period and the cancellation will be effective for the next billing cycle. 

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