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Spirit Food: Understanding the Importance of Self-Love

This world is a hall of mirrors. A mirage of illusions. It's due to this fact that the collective consciousness has been lead to believe that pure love has to be given to you from an outside source. People tend to project upon each other their desires and expectations. Through subliminal thought we have created a paradigm that suppresses the knowledge and understanding of what it means to love ourselves unconditionally. It is our birthright to be free. That freedom comes from expressing your very nature from the source of your being. Many are disconnected from their essence due to incorrect programming that shifts the focus of their love from being to consumption.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” - Buddha

Self love is an important process in deprogramming your subconscious mind from this self destructive virus. It is the key to unlocking the doors to your liberation. How you ask? When you constantly compare yourself to the expectations of another, your psychological disposition will always keep you in competition and never fully accepting yourself as you are. Society tells us that we should be this, we should look like that, we should eat this or we should wear that. In reality, the guidelines and structures that we have placed on ourselves to keep order has become our spiritual prison. You see, your soul wasn't meant to be caged. It was meant to burn with fiery passion and fill your life with adventure. The monotony of fitting into society calls for one to forgo their unique qualities so that they will never stand out. This type of behavior is contrary to the one who lives from their spirit. When you take the time to analyze yourself and truly see that there are no flaws, then you will see yourself through the eyes of the Divine. There are no mistakes in you. You are you. You are but a fingerprint, uniquely sewn together by your experiences. When you come to appreciate all of yourself, you can truly be who you are without fear. The biggest fear is the judgment of others. As you continue to liberate yourself, keep in mind that these judgments usually come from those whom are uncomfortable in their own skin. It usually bothers a person that hasn't freed themselves to see another confident in their being. The hardest thing for many people to do is to JUST BE! As simple as those words are, people make it complex with preconceived notions on how to get to a place of stillness. Our world has been conditioned to always be on the go. The more you are distracted with external factors, the less time you have to just be with yourself.

Road to recovery:

When you take the time to sit with yourself, at first those raging thoughts can be scary. For most, you can literally hear yourself speaking negatively about yourself in repetition, and when that's the case it becomes terrifying to face those inner demons. The path to wholeness is to know that you are already made whole. The Divine did not make you an incomplete person with missing pieces. Society and the people around you told you so. They were utterly wrong! It's your job to sift through the thoughts and to delete the virus of self destruction from your consciousness. I can't tell you that this process will be easy, but it will be as hard as you perceive it. If you face yourself with joy and appreciation, no matter what you see when you look into the mirror and reflect, you can at least get through this process quicker. There is a vibrational shift that must take place when you have a lack of self love, and you must persevere until you emit this love into your being and radiate it from within. Keep in mind, in this world people reflect everything you are energetically in your being back to you. The more love you have for yourself, the more love people will reflect back to you in the way in which you can appreciate. They are no longer the source of your peace, you are. Don't allow another to control your internal being with the way they think of you or how they treat you. Shift your vibration and turn inward to care for yourself, deeply nurturing every womb, and loving all of you regardless of what others may say about you. This is your life, and only you can live it. I hope that you just live your life in love with yourself, as you are whole... YOU ARE PERFECT! Be perfect to yourself, because you are divine.


Bijou B


I have a free meditation that will certainly help you shift your vibration to the love frequency. You can request a free mp3 download by following the instructions listed here, or you can watch the visual meditation version here. Remember to deprogram yourself and to create a new habit it takes a minimum of 21 consecutive days of consistent patterns. Listen to the meditation for the minimum time and you will feel the shift, but I guarantee you will feel lifted immediately after the first listen. Love and Light!

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