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Escaping the Matrix Through Releasing Fear and Embracing Pure Love

The world has been plagued with the illness of fear. Indeed, it is a form of mental illness to live in a state of paranoia. Our society has been purposefully manufactured to keep citizens in a perpetual psychosis, as it is a powerful vibration for manifestation. Take a look around and then look inward to see that the fears you have about life were projected into your subconsciousness. We can observe this fact through analyzing not only the stimulation people receive from media outlets, but how we interact with each other. Most people can't break thorough the fog to gain true clarity from the Divine because they are full of fear. The only way to escape this prison is to embrace pure love. It'

Find Your Way To Bliss Through Healing Your Inner Child

Living in a world where chaos reigns supreme, it becomes increasingly hard for one to find peace in the storms life brings. Society has been overstimulated with negative imagery which impresses our subconsciousness to manifest pessimism instead of optimism. The average person speaks more of their complaints with life than what makes them grateful to live here. The world seems to be fed up with everyone and everything it. If we allow the media to dictate the story, this would be a true statement. I'm here to tell you that there is joy to be found, but you must know that it is a choice that starts with you. Giving into worries and woes of life would make anyone feel as though it's not worth li

Full Moon Free General Psychic Reading 9/16/16

Shock of The New For this full moon, understand that there are celestial energies that are aiding in your transformation and renewal. The full moon is in Pisces and this is a time to tap into your intuition and your ability to receive messages from Source. We are still in the Mercury Retrograde season, so the full moon will amplify bringing up things from your past that need to be reconciled, whether it be relationships with others or the relationship with yourself. Wounds are being reopened and healing will transpire. There will be newness that shall come forth in the days and weeks following this full moon, as it is considered the Harvest Moon. This is the season for you to reap all that y

5 Healing Herbs For Health And Wellness

If you are looking to heal your body the natural way. It's always good to understand the traditions of our ancestors. We are people of the Earth, and our mother provides to us all sorts of antidotes to aid in curing and maintaining the optimal health for our bodies. If you are in tune with the Earth and take advantage of the treasures she provides, you can learn to be in tune with yourself and discover what remedies work for you. Disclaimer: It's always good to consult with your medical practitioner if you are already on medication before self medicating with herbs. This list serves as a supplementary option to aid the strengthening and healing of your body. Here is a list of my top 5 favori

Spirit Food: Understand How To Properly Balance Your Chakras

People are being exposed to ancient traditions and they are now desiring to obtain the ancient wisdom. In order to access this sacred knowledge one must have complete balance within their own inner being. It's starting to become more common for people who are just getting started on their spiritual journey to want to open their pineal gland. Indeed this can be done, however we must remember that there is a proper way to clearing these energies, otherwise there could be severe medical consequences if you don't follow the correct order. We all have many chakra points in your etheric bodies. However, we shall focus on the most common and powerful chakra systems that govern your physical body. 1

A Channeled Message For You!

Select a letter of the photo that most resonates with you and read the corresponding channeled oracle guidance. ****THE REVEAL**** A. New Birth: Guarded Vitality You are in a period of extreme spiritual growth and vulnerability. You are yearning to fine tune your spirituality in order to shed your old perceptions and beliefs. In this stage it can be quite unnerving to share your new found truth with others whom you are acquainted with. Your intuition is calling you to dig deeper withing yourself to unveil all that you must know. You may find your self seeking out the help of a healer or someone with a higher knowing of the mystical side of life so that you can make sense of the reality you h

Divine Partnerships: Getting Back To Pure Love

Divine love is pure. When you encounter it, it can be overwhelming and quite scary to a person who has lived a life that was void of it. If you were a person that only received love and admiration when you give something in exchange or have to perform certain tasks for it to be shown, there is a great chance that you have never been touched by purified love. Most people love each other with expectations of reciprocation, and this jades the perspective of what we believe as a collective what true love should be. “Our human self fears unconditional love, it is afraid of being fully open to everything and everyone just because it feels vulnerable, but when we know that in truth we can never be

An Empath's Manifesto: A Mission To Love

We are living in a time where tensions are high and it can be very emotional. No matter which perspective you choose to take on where the world is headed, I'm sure there's one thing we can all agree on: we are due for a change. What change are we pondering exactly? We are all concerned in some way with the future of humanity. Whether your hope is for all individuals or one, collectively we are in search for tomorrow. No matter your political, social, or religious views, each and every human being is equipt with the ability to create a perspective and decide how to live out their belief systems. Everyday we are faced with a series of choices, and it is up to us to decide how those choices wil

Spirit Food: Understanding Empaths

Empaths are gifts from the creator. We were sent to this world to remind everyone of their humanity. In a world that is neglectful of the beauty that lies beneath the greed, selfishness, and disharmony, we are the soldiers of truth and divine love. There are people who walk around comfortably numb in their environments. It's usually not until they are in the presence of a divinely touched empath that they are reminded how to feel and are shown the way back to their true selves. We are the eyes that helps the world see through the perspective of the Divine. Most people think we are overly sensitive, and tend to write us off because we can feel so deeply. We are a people that can look at anyth

Healing The Heart Chakra Through Pure Love

When balancing our chakras, we must understand that there are actions that coincide with clearing them. For this particular post, we shall focus on the most powerful chakra... the heart. Healing the heart can be a difficult task. We live in a world that is overrun with negative imagery, and people absorb this energy and reenact this in their daily lives. Anytime there is an absence of love, the heart chakra is effected and becomes cluttered. In order to properly progress in your healing and soul evolution we must learn how to balance our heart chakras before we can progress to balancing the higher chakras, which are our gateways to Source. The only way that one can clear and maintain balance

Healing Karma 101: A Journey of Self Discovery

Many times we end up in situations that are seemingly out of our control, and can cause us emotional trauma. When the wounds are inflicted unjustly we find it harder to forgive and make peace with what caused us pain. Healing can prove to be even more painful than the experience itself. How can one find peace with their past and create balance in their present? We must learn to seek out the karmic healing in all scenarios that played out in our lifetime story line. We often forget that time is not liner but cyclical. Due to this fact we are reincarnated through the ages to experience soul evolution. Often times our story lines tend to become repetitive from lifetime after lifetime. We must u

True Spirituality: Return of the Divine Feminine

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him with Source. Her lowest calling is to seduce, separating man from his soul and leave him aimlessly wandering. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed. Man’s lowest calling is to ambush and force his way into the life of a woman.” – Cherokee Proverb When a woman is fully tapped and connected with Source, she exudes divinity with all that she does. Every word spoken, while they may cut like daggers, it will cure the soul. She becomes a beacon of light and a barer of infinite love. Her love is so great that she will not allow you to believe in illusions, and she will tear d

Loving a Mystic Woman: Only The Bravest Men Can

Most women have yet to tap into their inner knowing, and are too afraid to pierce behind the veil that separates the worlds. Those type of women usually cater to the egos of their mates, and due to this fact both continue to live on the surface. Many men settle for these women due to their own lack of inner knowing and neglect of their soul self, as they tend to seek out what is comfortable. On the contrary the love from a mystic, is one of purifying fire. The mystical woman has been through the flames, and burned so many times that she herself has become a torch. She is a seer and healer, because of this many who aren't ready or prepared to see themselves fully are afraid of her light. It i

Psychic Vampires: How To Spot Them and Rid Them From Your Vibration

“Healers are Spiritual Warriors who have found the courage to defeat the darkness of their souls. Awakening and rising from the depths of their deepest fears, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn with a wisdom and strength that creates a light that shines bright enough to help, encourage, and inspire others out of their own darkness.” — Melanie Koulouris As you continue to grow and expand your consciousness there will be people who are drawn to your flame like moths. People can become excited with your frequency and level of proficiency in spirit and will seek to siphon your energy from your high vibration to feed their low level toxicity and make them feel as though they can access

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