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How Can Astrology Help You To Get Ahead?

“Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do!” - J. Pierpont Morgan The study of astrology is making it's way back to the modern era as a common means of understanding personal alignment with universal energies. Master astrologers are able to pin point specific dates and sequences of events that are incredibly accurate. Seeing as though the heavenly bodies governs our behavioral energies, it's beneficial for those who are ambitious in manifestation to understand astrology. Key indicating factors in celestial energies create the atmosphere for success if you are in alignment and can execute your plans and intentions accordingly. Many successful entrepreneurs understand the significanc

Do You Want To Know What The Year Has In Store For You...?

I'm now offering a 12 month yearly tarotscope reading to help you to connect with the energies that will be available to you for the next 12 months. If you want to get a head start on your manifestations, it's best to know the energies you will be up against to help you better navigate how to execute receiving all things you set out to achieve. The reasons why many people are stuck in their abilities to manifest is that they don't understand how to properly use the law of attraction to their advantage. Energy clearing and alignment is the MAJOR key in seeing your results sooner than later. This spread will allow you to have a point of reference to guide yourself through the unseen energies t

Pick A Card Any Card! (Free Tarot Readings)

I have added a series of pick a card oracle readings to my YouTube channel to help you to engage your own psychic intuition by choosing a reading that directly correlates to your instinct. These readings are interactive, so you can skip ahead to listen to the message connected to the pile of cards that you are drawn to. As long as you follow your first mind, you'll find the messages surprisingly relatable! These are all general readings and are also for entertainment purposes. However, if you find the information helpful to your journey, feel free to like and subscribe to get updates on any additional themed readings that may resonate with your current situation. You are more than welcomed t

What's Next: Subliminal Healing That WORKS!

Hi Everyone, I have been working diligently to put together FREE meditation videos that will EFFECTIVELY help you to shift your vibration and see results manifested seemingly miraculously. I have a variety of videos that will provide the energy clearing and intention setting to help your energy to align with the vibration listed on the title of the subliminal meditation. Please keep in mind to only listen to the meditations of the energy you feel that you are ready to activate. Regardless, these meditations will activate you in a safe way, which will allow you to be anchored in your own energies and to open up to new levels of consciousness at the rate your soul is prepare to integrate with

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