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What's Next: Subliminal Healing That WORKS!

Hi Everyone,

I have been working diligently to put together FREE meditation videos that will EFFECTIVELY help you to shift your vibration and see results manifested seemingly miraculously. I have a variety of videos that will provide the energy clearing and intention setting to help your energy to align with the vibration listed on the title of the subliminal meditation. Please keep in mind to only listen to the meditations of the energy you feel that you are ready to activate. Regardless, these meditations will activate you in a safe way, which will allow you to be anchored in your own energies and to open up to new levels of consciousness at the rate your soul is prepare to integrate with your ego. It doesn't matter your current energetic state prior to listening. The intentions are for healing, so despite where you are, you will walk away from a listening session feeling a relief in your emotional self.

I truly wanted to help the collective in a way that will allow you all to have tools to guide yourself in this healing journey of the soul. Not everybody is able to afford the personal one on one time with a healer, and I feel personally responsible as a healer to make these methods affordable and available to anyone who may need the support. Recovering your soul is NOT an easy journey. You must gently support yourself through this process, even when you are not supported by those around you. It is my gift to you to offer you tools that will help you to effectively guide yourself. It is imperative that we all become spiritually self sufficient, and it is equally important for spiritual leaders to truly lead others to leading themselves. It is my hope that no matter how we have encountered each other, that I have some how helped you to see that you are your own Master, and you have the power to FULLY ASCEND!



Take a listen to a meditation or two...

2019 Year of The Pig Abundance Flow

CLICK HERE for the full subliminal meditation playlist!

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