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Hire A Shaman For Your Private Or Goup Retreat

I have created a career with my unique abilities of discernment. I studied psychology at Hofstra University, and my interest in the human psyche combined with my personal spiritual beliefs, led me to become an intuitive spiritualist. My consulting services has been requested by executives worldwide. It is my goal to continue to modernize shamanism and ancient ritualistic practices. I can manage to make mysticism practical and relatable to any audience. I often use my platform to share motivational guidance spiritual comfort to my community. I have been able to provide life coaching services to my clients, as well as volunteer my time to consul those in need remotely. Although I usually promote holistic wellness through my social media platform, I also offers a variety free healing tools to help you maintain balance no matter which walk of life you are from.

I'm now offering my consulting services on the go! If you are interested in hosting a retreat and need someone to help you balance and expand your groups' energies, book me to assist! I'm a traveling shaman, and I offer all of my insight in private consultations, which can be booked for days at a time. I'm available for private or corporate group settings and can work with any individual no matter their spiritual background.

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