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Spiritual Dieting

If you are trying to improve your diet and considering going vegan, don't be discouraged. Understand that the stomach sends more signals to your brain than your brain does to it, therefore when you put the proper nutrients in to your stomach it will indeed take over your brain and guide you to only desire what your body really requires. It's not that hard, but you have to also consider that as you transition, you are also healing your body from the cellular damage (if any) received from years of poor dieting. So take your time, it's not a race, but you want to start heading towards the vegan finish line. Your body will thank you and if you are on a spiritual journey... so will your soul! Alkaline diets are optimal as you can absorb nutrients and minerals more effectively by eating foods that were charged by the sun. These foods are scientifically proven to carry higher vibration in frequency. Everything in nature is frequency, and the name of the game is to vibrate as high as you can! You are indeed what you eat, so if you want to vibe high, EAT THE VIBES! Enjoy!

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