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Escaping the Matrix Through Releasing Fear and Embracing Pure Love

The world has been plagued with the illness of fear. Indeed, it is a form of mental illness to live in a state of paranoia. Our society has been purposefully manufactured to keep citizens in a perpetual psychosis, as it is a powerful vibration for manifestation. Take a look around and then look inward to see that the fears you have about life were projected into your subconsciousness. We can observe this fact through analyzing not only the stimulation people receive from media outlets, but how we interact with each other. Most people can't break thorough the fog to gain true clarity from the Divine because they are full of fear. The only way to escape this prison is to embrace pure love. It's is the key to your liberation.

"Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom." Bertrand Russell

One must understand the concept of polarity and vibration to really be able to understand the process of co-creation. When you learn the nature of reality, and become in balance with all of it's universal aspects you can elevate your soul and get a bird's eye view of the whole. The fact remains, the vast majority has been manipulated to use their creative energy to continue the cycle of negative energy that is seemingly rampant in our world. We must dig deeper to see through all illusions, not just the ones we choose to see. The concept of fear/hate is a polarity of love. It takes the same energy to vibrate in these energies, however the result of these vibrations will only attract what is emitted. If you are in a constant state of fear, what will manifest in your reality along with the reality of others collectively will be more events to be fearful of. When you radiate love in it's purest form, you become love and it enters your reality in remarkable ways. The love frequency is the highest degree of this particular vibration. It will also make you a healer and a beacon of light for those who can't seem to escape the darkness of their own consternation. Your collective impact will ripple outward to those you come in contact with, efficiently shifting their vibration to match yours momentarily. It is important to understand that we are all co-creators of our shared reality. We each have an obligation to declutter the world of the negative vibrations that we have all helped to spew.

The only way we can effectively shift the frequency is to each take the time to individually climb to the highest vibration and spread it like wildfire everywhere we go. We are living in the transition period of this great paradigm shift, and the purification has already begun. You have a choice to make will you stand on the side of the highest good, or will you continue to be a creator of the false illusions through catering to your phobias? The truth will have it's way, and that truth is love to the highest degree. It will burn all of lies you are too afraid to see. The Earth is shifting vibrational energy and we must follow suit, or be purged out. The 5th dimensional gates are only accessible to those who hold the key to enter. I'm here to tell you, if you aren't transmitting love, your access will be denied. We can all feel this shift happening innately, the way birds fly to migrate when the seasons change. This is the cause for the outpouring for the need to know the truth, and the radical outbreaks of people crying for freedom across the world. There is no coincidence to this observation. Our mother, Gaia, is demanding that we shift! We are anatomically made of the elements, therefore we are responding in kind. There is a time limit to this shift and we are nearing it's close. The question is.... are you ready?

With Love,

Bijou B

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