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Spirit Food: Understanding Divine Partnerships (Twin Flame Unions)

If you want to know if you are in a "Divine Partnership" aka "Twin Flame" union, then you need to look at your birth charts. It's written in the stars, and the STARS DON'T LIE! If you are not with your divine mate chances are you are not bearing as much fruit as you have the potential to, as being with the essence of you ACTUALLY amplifies your power. So ask your self this. Are you flying high like an eagle or are you still dealing with with karmic chickens who can't even get off the ground? I'm just saying, do your homework and get with the program, you will never be able to access your full potential WITHOUT THEM! I guarantee it!

"The universe responds to our inner yearnings by mysteriously bringing people into our lives to answer our questions and help quell our conflicts. Every time you follow your intuition, your personal vibration intensifies. This can be likened to turning up the volume on a stereo. The more your personal vibration is intensified, the more you will pull people into your life who carry messages for you. This is a universal law." - Denise Linn

How to attract your divine partner (Twin flame counterpart)

Karma is a universal law, as everybody reaps what they sow in this life or the next. It's not superstitious when you are paying attention and living with intention, as you will see your seeds if you do. If you live blindly you will not be able to see how you have somehow contributed to the situation, it's all soul evolution brethren.

Always stay focused in your present moment. Don't stay stuck in the past, it's miserable. Allow your past to serve as your guide to show you where you have made mistakes that must be corrected. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for it regardless of the situation, as it was your lesson. Then let it go and look forward to what is ahead of you. As your future is much brighter than those moments in the past. Focus on today and ask: How can I improve myself so that I can have the life I want? This is a question you should always ponder. Next: wait, watch, and listen, because the universe and your intuition will guide you to your: correction, restoration, and give you the ultimate healing.

You must learn how to love yourself RIGHTEOUSLY to even be content with yourself. Therefore, you can't love your significant other genuinely until you learn how to UNCONDITIONALLY love you! I'm not talking about a selfish love that is wordly and greedy. No! I speak of a love that is pure and of the highest source of energy and frequency! That can only come through if you love the Creator of All Creation FIRST, and honor the creator by honoring THE CREATION. I love you all, please let's stay in the present, it's a wonderful place to be. Namaste!

P.S. Take advantage of my 30 minute affirmation mediation, it will help you get into the vibration of love to attract your divine mate!

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