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True Spirituality: Return of the Divine Feminine

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul, so as to unite him with Source. Her lowest calling is to seduce, separating man from his soul and leave him aimlessly wandering. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed. Man’s lowest calling is to ambush and force his way into the life of a woman.” – Cherokee Proverb

When a woman is fully tapped and connected with Source, she exudes divinity with all that she does. Every word spoken, while they may cut like daggers, it will cure the soul. She becomes a beacon of light and a barer of infinite love. Her love is so great that she will not allow you to believe in illusions, and she will tear down every wall that you have built up in a matter of seconds. These type of woman are rare in today's society. They must be cherished and honored for their purity and dedication to spirit. Their receptivity to Source is vital to the progression of our collective return to true spirituality.

The world has been overstimulated with masculine energy. How can we discover this fact? Let's just take a look around, shall we? We have been out of balance for ages. Collectively we have been the subject of the patriarchal society structure, power struggles, wars, famines and the list goes on. Everything is in chaos because of the lack of love for each other and Gaia (our Mother Earth). We have been neglecting the femininity within our consciousness, and as a result we see that there is a lack of nurturing every where we turn. Women possess the power to heal and nurture. This is an innate gift that we are chosen to carry, as life wouldn't exist if it weren't incubated inside of the womb. However, when we turn to discover the nature of spirituality, those that are the leaders are usually men. Most times these men have no connection with source because they weren't led by a woman that carries the power of the Source.

People are stuck in the paradigm of creating organizations and battling each other for spiritual truth. When in reality these “truths” are relative to one's personal experience with the divine. Those who argue over who's right and who's wrong are usually neglectful of what it means to walk closely with spirit. They become oblivious to the nature of reality. When you forget to honor that which is sacred, you end up experiencing repetitive cycles of false principles that have no bases in universal natural law. Natural law is the only law that controls us all, whether we choose to see it or not. A true spiritualist doesn't take guidance from studies. They converse with the unknown and they are obedient to their inner guidance system. They are rebels to the world, because they choose not to follow the crowd. They also don't want the crowd to follow them. Most times these people live in seclusion, to be nurtured by the Divine. As when you are touched by Source and called to yield it's power, you must take the time to be humbled by it. The Divine indeed chooses whom to interact with. It cannot be forced or coerced. The level of interaction is not just dependent on what you know, but what you encounter. There is an ebb and flow, push and pull, a give and take when you are being nurtured by Source. One's power will never supersede the Divine's. In order to have any power you must surrender to the fact that free will is indeed limited to what we are able to co-create according to natural law. Not everyone can obtain such purity in spirit, because most will continue to remain blinded by their egos.

Beginning the journey back to source:

We all want peace but the collective hasn't the slightest clue or understanding how to seek it. The reason being is because many people are too busy pointing fingers at who's the blame for the commotion. In actuality we all are. We have all collectively been the reason for our own self destruction. If you want to be in connection with the Source and you are a woman, you must invoke the essence of the Divine within you. For women who have already been sexually active, you must refrain from sexual activity to reconnect your womb. Having sex outside of divine partnerships will only create confusion and continue to bind you to the material world. The same goes for a man. Gentlemen, in order to see your reflection fully, it's always beneficial to seek out the love from your divine mate. That person is a mirror of self that can guide you through the fire. Not all divine partnerships are incarnations of male and female in this life, and many of times men can carry their feminine energy from previous incarnations, and vice-versa with females. If you are a male with divine feminine energy you must dig deeper and tap higher into your soul self to bring forth the inspiration and connect back to Source through your karmic healing. Unions in divine partnerships aren't allowed until the divine feminine becomes in tune with Source, and the divine masculine is ready to surrender to be lead to Source by their divine feminine counterparts. This journey you start will not be easy, and there will be trials, tribulations, and realizations that you must face. We must collectively refrain from judging others, and allow ourselves to see our own reflections in the next. We are being called to tap back into Source power, and we can only do this through healing our selves and each other with unconditional love.

Love and light

Bijou B

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