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Healing Karma 101: A Journey of Self Discovery

Many times we end up in situations that are seemingly out of our control, and can cause us emotional trauma. When the wounds are inflicted unjustly we find it harder to forgive and make peace with what caused us pain. Healing can prove to be even more painful than the experience itself. How can one find peace with their past and create balance in their present? We must learn to seek out the karmic healing in all scenarios that played out in our lifetime story line.

We often forget that time is not liner but cyclical. Due to this fact we are reincarnated through the ages to experience soul evolution. Often times our story lines tend to become repetitive from lifetime after lifetime. We must understand that when we go through hurtful situations, they are simulated in this reality to bring you further healing to your soul. As painful as these traumatic events may be, there is always a deeper meaning, when we are seeking the answers to the questions of why they occurred. Sometimes what happens is senseless and can't be explained by just looking at what you have sowed in your deeds from this particular lifetime. However, the seeker of truth must know that in order to find solutions to heal the soul's pain, you must be able to look beyond this lifetime and dive into your soul's history of incarnations to accelerate your healing. I know that the pain is real, and can linger in your consciousness for years if you don't address and actively work through finding relief. Who want's to stay in a perpetual state of misery? No one. We all seek to find peace and joy. It is our soul's mission to do just that. We just have our own ways on how we journey to that place of pure happiness. Please remember that on your way to your bliss, there will be bumps, bruises and even deep tissue scars that can be inflicted. Just keep in mind that the nature of this reality is to teach your soul a lesson.

"Cling to nothing, not even to the idea of letting go. Remember that releasing the old will happen when you are ready and not a moment before. Your task is not to force anything, but to ALLOW. Like leaves falling naturally from the trees in autumn, your past will fall away naturally when you allow it to become truly past." — Dorothy Mendoza Row

How can we heal?

First one must make peace with the situation that caused you pain, and acknowledge the good in that person that attracted you to them in the first place. Sometimes it's burdensome to see the good in a person who has played the villain in your life, but being emphatic will serve you well in your healing. Forgiveness also plays a huge role. It's the hardest thing to do. However, in order to fully heal, you must acknowledge the lesson the traumatic circumstance taught you so that you can look forward with confidence knowing what you will not tolerate in the future. If you cannot find a reason why it happened to you, and you were an innocent victim, please know that your soul called forward this experience for a reason. One must tap into the Akashic records to fully understand your karmic history if you are unable to make peace without knowing your karmic debt that created the ripple in this lifetime. It may be difficult to see your reflection through the ages, but this will allow for you to truly make peace with all things that did not serve you well. This is how we grow and evolve our soul to where it's meant to be, which is to become whole and completely healed. Keep in mind as you heal your karmic debt you are creating a ripple effect in the collective consciousness, and it will trigger others to do the same. We are all connected to the same thread that has intricately woven the diverse tapestry of this reality. We must all create the collective peace we desire by seeking to heal individually. May you find the peace you seek.

Love and Light,

Bijou B

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