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Healing The Heart Chakra Through Pure Love

When balancing our chakras, we must understand that there are actions that coincide with clearing them. For this particular post, we shall focus on the most powerful chakra... the heart. Healing the heart can be a difficult task. We live in a world that is overrun with negative imagery, and people absorb this energy and reenact this in their daily lives. Anytime there is an absence of love, the heart chakra is effected and becomes cluttered. In order to properly progress in your healing and soul evolution we must learn how to balance our heart chakras before we can progress to balancing the higher chakras, which are our gateways to Source. The only way that one can clear and maintain balance in their heart chakra is to purify it with unconditional love.

Most times it's hard for people to understand the nature of unconditional love, because we have been programed to love each other with expectations to receive something in return. If we have expectations and conditions on our love, then it is tainted. The only way to come to love unconditionally is to appreciate the creation and the fact that you were created to have this experience. Once you can have gratitude for your life, no matter what pitfalls you had to go through, you can come to a place of peace and stillness. This energy alone allows you to engage and clear your heart chakra. You must radiate the love from within. When you seek for external forces to validate the love you should already feel within you, it only acts as a temporary fix to the problem. One must learn how to tap into the unconditional love frequency to not only open their heart chakra, but to also keep it in balance after you open it.

“Let your heart settle. Rub rose oil on your bruises. Scent the air with salt. Be present with your pain. Remind yourself- (more than once if necessary) It is okay to shatter. Even the sky weeps.” - Alison Malee

There are ways that you can learn to do the healing for yourself, and many times you can access this love by encountering pure souls that can offer you the healing. But if you aren't able to do your due diligence at maintaining your chakra alignment, any work a healer can do will not last for long. You could become addicted to the outside healing and become a psychic vampire. You must always reflect on your own healing, as it's not another's responsibility to make sure you continue to maintain the clearing after they have done the energy work. This can be done if you can find the time to just be and not allow yourself to be distracted. You must meditate and receive from spirit the healing messages and frequencies to keep your heart tapped into the love energy of Source. Do not allow yourself to fall out of alignment by being negative and pessimistic. Greet every person and situation with love and you will be able help strengthen your alignment and keep your heart chakra healthy.

Happy Healing,

Bijou B

P.S. You can heal your heart with my true love affirmation meditation... it will get your heart ready for love. Namaste!

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