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Divine Partnerships: Getting Back To Pure Love

Divine love is pure. When you encounter it, it can be overwhelming and quite scary to a person who has lived a life that was void of it. If you were a person that only received love and admiration when you give something in exchange or have to perform certain tasks for it to be shown, there is a great chance that you have never been touched by purified love. Most people love each other with expectations of reciprocation, and this jades the perspective of what we believe as a collective what true love should be.

“Our human self fears unconditional love, it is afraid of being fully open to everything and everyone just because it feels vulnerable, but when we know that in truth we can never be hurt to begin with and that expressing how we feel and who we are is our natural instinct, we can retrieve our being into its original balance and peaceful state again.” Natalia Alba

As a society we tend to look at love superficially. We logically list pros and cons and weigh out our options before we give it to each other. This is improper, and it is a prime example of the deficit of unconditional love our collective has bred in this paradigm. Most romantic relationships start off with lustful passion, and turns into a situation where people make decisions and plan for their futures. It becomes more of a business venture than an adventure of love that emanates from the heart chakra. In reality, true love is far from logical. It can't be rationalized and trivialized with societal structures and cultural boundaries. When divine love touches you, you become destabilized by it's power. It unearths and burns all lies and purifies truth in your consciousness. It will not allow you to be in your egotistical personality. On the contrary, true divine love tunes you into your highest self. It draws you to the Source of creation, and makes you question reality. It helps you overcome deep seated pain, as it is a healer of all ailments. It makes you see yourself for who you truly are, and it makes you believe that all things are possible. If you are blessed to be touched by this love, embrace it. Let it purify your soul. Do not resist it's engulfing truth.

How do you know if you are in a relationship that emanates true love? Is that love unconditional? Does your partner ask of anything of you outside of your love? Are you able to feel and be completely vulnerable with your partner? Generally divine partnerships (twin flame relationships) are rooted in spirituality from the start. The love is present upon first meeting. You usually become uncannily open and honest with each other, revealing your deepest secrets immediately. You remember each other because your souls recognize who you are. You are drawn to heal each others heart chakra, and for the most part your focus will be in healing the pains of the heart center so that you can eventually union with peace. The nature of the relationship is not based on material needs and society's ideas of what a relationship is. It's unconventional from it's inception. You will share similar birth charts. This is because you are meant to have complementary cosmic energies, which will aid in your harmony. It may seem mind-boggling at first, and quite confusing. You wonder who could this person possibly be? You tend to develop a strange obsession with the other in a way that you are unable to shake. Once your hearts become intertwined, each time you think of them or they think of you, your telepathic channels become clearer. Most times you will feel the other in the physical by getting random heart palpitations. This phenomenon only happens when you have bonded and experienced your divine counterpart. You often have shared astral projection encounters with one another, as well as dreams that become revelations of the future you will share. Your spiritual gifts enhance when you have met them. Your divine mate elevates your soul to new levels of consciousness.

The best advise that I can give anyone that is on a spiritual journey to their highest good is to please keep in mind who you consider sharing your love with. If your partner doesn't meet the criteria, analyze the relationship to see if you are only superficially involved with a person. If the main focus of your relationship is shared finances and business ventures, there is a large chance that you are not in a divine partnership. The foundation of these partnerships are always built on your spiritual growth. The person that you are to grow with will ALWAYS be able to match your level of advancement. You will be equally yoked in spiritual understanding and intellect. Your relationship will be a mystical enigma. You share the same soul energy signature and it can only be shared with one other. Having the same soul energy will breed a foundation for passion that can be unmatched. You will be able to be fully yourself on all levels, because at the core of the other, they are indeed you.

Love and Light

Bijou B

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