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A Channeled Message For You!

Select a letter of the photo that most resonates with you and read the corresponding channeled oracle guidance.

****THE REVEAL****

A. New Birth: Guarded Vitality

You are in a period of extreme spiritual growth and vulnerability. You are yearning to fine tune your spirituality in order to shed your old perceptions and beliefs. In this stage it can be quite unnerving to share your new found truth with others whom you are acquainted with. Your intuition is calling you to dig deeper withing yourself to unveil all that you must know. You may find your self seeking out the help of a healer or someone with a higher knowing of the mystical side of life so that you can make sense of the reality you have now found yourself submersed in. Be mindful that it is perfectly fine to surrender to yourself. It is necessary for you to achieve the success you desire, and to gain the clarity directly from Spirit. Now is the time to be extremely mindful of your thoughts. The Law of Attraction doesn't care if you want what you are thinking or not. It will always manifest into your experience. The key message for you today, is to practice more the science of deliberate creation. What you are destined to give birth to will be brought to life, but only if you can remain focused.

Today's affirmation: “I envision more and act less” Consider saying this daily to enhance your ability to visualize the future that the Divine has already placed in your heart to achieve. You will become more aware and receive flashes of insight with proper alignment of thought.

B. Release The Dark Wound, Let Love Live

You are a person that is quite aware of your spiritual power and very connected to Divine Feminine energy. You understand the Law of Attraction enough to know that you must continue to practice the skill of directing your thoughts. Now is the time to draw inward in self reflection to release old wounds that you may have yet to know are still in need of nursing to health. If you find yourself passionate and driven in your tasks, but not able to enjoy your accomplishments, you must allow the love of your craft to flow through you. Remember it's okay to want to perfect things, but also give yourself the time to nurture it with love so that it may grow beautifully. Enjoy every stage of your personal growth, and don't be afraid to touch the wounds you have yet to heal. You are in fact in a period of gestation. Therefore understand that this is only a temporary cycle that is necessary to deliver you into wholeness. The good news is, the storms are fading. Just keep in mind that you must tune into your joy in order to feel it. Do not neglect doing the things that makes you happy to maintain your well-being during this time of extreme growth.

Today's affirmation: “To allow well-being, I MUST be in joy” Match your vibration with a joyful experience. Mindfully tuning your frequency to happiness will only increase your abilities to manifest your healing and all other things you are seeking to receive.

C. Focus on The Light

You are in a period where your light is starting to radiate brighter. You may even be noticing more synchronistic messages from the Universe to help you on your spiritual path. While you have been doing your best to walk forward, there may be people in your mist that are showing signs of envy and trying to project fear into your consciousness about whatever creative work you feel compelled to do, or business you are looking to start. Be mindful not to allow others perceptions to dim your light. Do not be afraid to take a leap of faith in whatever endeavor your heart is pulling you towards at this time. You must become more aware of your feelings about money. In order to do that you must stop looking at things from a lackful perspective, and start to tell yourself the stories about how you want it to be, not what it looks like currently. This will help you to manifest your desires with the energy of the now. Have no fear, you are highly protected in the spirit. Your calling is your destiny, and only you can delay its progress. Just know that the Spirit will not force you, but you will be compelled with signs after signs after signs to get your attention to make that move until you do! When in doubt, ask your spirit guides/guardian angles/ancestors for assistance. They are waiting to help you, but you must reach out to them first and pay attention when they answer.

Today's affirmation: “There is nothing for me to guard against.” Keep in mind that when you are placed on your journey by Spirit, your protection is divine. You are your own worst enemy. When others project their negativity on you, allow yourself to see your reflection in them, and remove them from your environment to maintain your focus on your highest calling.

D. Be the Hunter Not The Hunted

You may find yourself on the outside of receiving the abundance you witness others having, and you desire that for yourself. Spirit is calling you to take more control of your reality and not allow yourself to be manipulated by others. Your support to someone else's project or venture, may be taking your focus off of the dreams and desires you want to manifest in your life. Now is the time for you to show yourself the appreciation you are lacking from others. You are worthy of all the things that you desire to have because what you want indeed wants you. Do not give into jealousy. Allow yourself to show appreciation of others for what they have so that you can match the vibration to receive your abundance. If you reject it in others, you will indeed reject in you... this is Law. Keep in mind that you must remain in joy. When you are vibrating in pure happiness it is your gateway to Source. Once you are connected joyfully, all things will flow to you. Do not resist, everything you need is available to to you, but you must believe it in order to attract it into your reality.

Today's affirmation: “In my appreciation, I allow myself to receive wonderful things.” Be sure to remind yourself this as often as you need to. You are deserving of all the beauty, love and wealth of resources your heart can imagine. Know it with all of your being and it must make an appearance.

THANK YOU ALL!! I appreciate you participating... I hope these message serves you well and resonates with your soul.

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