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Twin Flame/Divine Partnerships Energy Clearing Affirmation Meditation: Manifest Your Mate!

This affirmation meditation can be listened to at anytime to help shift your frequency into the love vibration in order to attract true love to you. It was available for purchase, but now I'm offering it to you for free as my gift to you. The love frequency helps you co-create easily. Like attracts the like. Be the love you seek! This will help you do just that. Please watch or listen to this video for a minimum of 21 consecutive days to help you break your mental blocks. You can also listen as often as you need to until you get your results. I wish you the best in your journey to find and union with your Divine Partner/Twin Flame. It's time to manifest your destiny!

I offer private readings that will help to guide you on your journey. If you would like a private video reading order today at: Purchase Private Readings May you be blessed with love and light!


Bijou B

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