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Pick A Card Any Card! (Free Tarot Readings)

I have added a series of pick a card oracle readings to my YouTube channel to help you to engage your own psychic intuition by choosing a reading that directly correlates to your instinct. These readings are interactive, so you can skip ahead to listen to the message connected to the pile of cards that you are drawn to. As long as you follow your first mind, you'll find the messages surprisingly relatable! These are all general readings and are also for entertainment purposes. However, if you find the information helpful to your journey, feel free to like and subscribe to get updates on any additional themed readings that may resonate with your current situation. You are more than welcomed to purchase a personal tarot card reading to get more specific channeled messages.



Check out a reading or two...

What is my future spouse/partner like?

This reading will help you intuit the energy of your future romantic partner.

Pile 1: 1:19

Pile 2: 3:55

Pile 3: 7:15

Pile 4: 9:55

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