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Bijou's Ascension Oracle Deck Is Now Available!

I'm so excited to introduce my very first oracle deck! It is my intention to help you grow on your own spiritually. This oracle deck will help you along in your journey, whether you are trying to find your path or need help staying on it. You will enjoy the channeled messages written on each card. Traditionally, tarot should help you to flow in your ascension energies and complete the process. Many people today use tarot cards and divination decks to help them understand the unknown elements of their lives. Bijou's Ascension Oracle can be used to help guide you through your ascension process. Enlightenment is every spiritualist's goal. This deck will surely help you to illuminate yourself as well as others. If you choose, it can be used in general readings or even love readings.

Here's a view of how the cards look:

You can purchase this particular deck for yourself or as gifts. I also offer wholesale pricing for those who what to purchase this item in bulk.

You can purchase them by clicking HERE and your order will be shipped according to the shipping rates you select. Once you purchase it, please feel free to leave a review on Facebook for $5 off your next purchase on my website. In order to redeem the coupon, you must also email me a photo of you using your new deck.

Take Care,


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